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Vaginosis Testing by PCR

Vaginosis is a relatively common condition in which an overgrowth of bacteria naturally found in the vagina disrupts the natural balance, leading to inflammation, irritation, and abnormal gray or white discharge. Symptoms can also include a foul “fishy” smelling odor and a burning sensation when urinating. While it can affect women of any age, vaginosis most commonly affects women in their reproductive years. NTL Laboratory offers vaginosis testing throughout the Midwest, and is a leading provider of this testing in the Greater Chicagoland area.

Our vaginosis test panel is fast, accurate, and minimally invasive. The test uses a sample of discharge/fluid from the vagina obtained gently using a swab. This sample is then analyzed in our laboratory, and results are typically available within 24-36 hours.

How to Prepare for a Vaginosis Lab Test?

Before a vaginosis testing appointment, you will have to avoid douching, having sex, using tampons, and using topical vaginal creams and medicines.

Is Vaginosis Dangerous?

Vaginosis does not cause any other health problems very often. However, vaginosis testing is still recommended because leaving the condition untreated may increase your risk for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), pelvic inflammatory disease, infections after procedures done to female sex organs, and early labor or birth if pregnant. Additionally, the symptoms can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

We Recommend Getting Tested if:

  • You have a new vaginal discharge that is associated with an odor or fever.
  • The color and consistency of your vaginal discharge are different.
  • You’ve recently had multiple sexual partners.
  • You tried an over-the-counter treatment for a yeast infection and are still experiencing symptoms

Vaginosis Treatment Options

Vaginosis is typically treated with antibiotics in symptomatic patients. Therapy can also be beneficial in relieving symptoms and signs of the condition for nonpregnant women.

Why Choose NTL Laboratory Vaginosis Testing Services?

Many women throughout the Midwest have trusted our vaginosis lab test because it’s fast, accurate, and minimally invasive. In addition to our vaginosis testing that gives you results quickly, we also offer caring and personalized service because we know a test like this can feel uncomfortable and even embarrassing.

NTL Laboratory offers a comprehensive range of vaginosis testing panels to provide the most accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendations possible.

Vaginosis Testing

Our Vaginosis Panels include:

  • Atopobium Vaginae
  • BVAB-2/Megasphaera 1/Megasphaera 2
  • Gardnerella Vaginalis
  • Candida Albicans
  • Candida Glabrata
  • Candida Species (Tropicalis, Parapsilosis & Dubliniensis)

We also offer anti-biotic resistance testing to ensure the best treatment options are provided to our patients. With our advanced testing methods and state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, you can trust that you're receiving the best care possible. Contact us today to learn more.