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Serology Testing Laboratory

NTL’s antibody serology tests are being performed using cutting-edge laboratory instrumentation to identify, among other things, antibodies in blood samples. Antibodies are created in response to certain diseases or other conditions that exist in a patient’s serum. These test results help physicians establish a plan for their patients’ medical care.

Our physician clients have come to depend on our expert scientists and lab professionals to conduct serological testing with the utmost quality and reliability. From start to finish, we treat all aspects of the testing process with care while considering laboratory best-practices throughout the specimen workflow. Lab results are prompt, clear, and accurate.

Our equipment and reagents are of the highest quality, obtained from reliable, cost-effective lab suppliers. All of NTL’s laboratory instrumentation is well-maintained and monitored closely to meet our strict quality control standards.

To this ends, NTL manages a stringent internal quality assurance program. Managing and maintaining this program further promotes the accuracy and efficiency NTL is known for. Learn more about our Quality Assurance program here.

The wide array of NTL’s antibody tests covers numerous types of pathogens which cause many types of human disease. Serology laboratory tests are used to identify antibodies related to:

  • Infectious agents including COVID-19
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Foreign and locally generated proteins - such as blood donor antigens
  • Blood typing and crossmatching
  • Vaccine status/vaccine effectiveness

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Serology Laboratory

NTL is one of the fastest growing clinical labs in the U.S. and the serology laboratory personnel are perfect examples of why. With unsurpassed teamwork and continued growth, we perpetually encourage knowledge sharing and think-tanking to further advance our scientific systems. Staff leverages a culture of open communication which we find to be a valuable tool to build unmatched client care.

It is our mission to provide result reports that are formatted to best facilitate accurate diagnoses by licensed medical professionals to improve and maintain.